Diamond Core Bits and Blades: What makes them cut faster and last longer?

What makes Diamond Core Bits and Blades cut faster and last longer?

To select blades or bits for cutting concrete, a contractor doesn’t need to know how they are made, but should know how they will be used, meaning the type of concrete to be cut and the machine being used to cut it. A manufacturer of concrete cutting equipment can then recommend a blade or bit that will match the concrete and the machine.


Diamond bits and blades are made by brazing diamond segments to the end of a steel tube or the perimeter of a steel disc. Each diamond segment consists of several diamond particles held together by a metal bond. To make segments that will cut different types of concrete, manufacturers vary the composition of this metal bond and the type, size and concentration of diamonds. Most contractors prefer to use wet-cutting diamond blades whenever possible, because the water used to cool the blade also eliminates dust. The slurry that’s produced can easily be vacuumed up.


Type of Aggregate–Hard aggregates shorten blade life and slow the cutting rate, so cutting concrete with a hard aggregate such as quartz will cost much more than cutting concrete with a soft aggregate such as limestone. Size of aggregate is also important.

Reinforcing steel–It costs more to cut concrete that contains reinforcing steel because blade life or bit life is shorter and cutting rates are slower.

Operating speed–To keep blades from distorting at high speeds, they are manufactured in the form of a dish that will straighten when the blade is rotated at optimum speed. If the design speed is not achieved, the blade will tend to wander as cutting commences.

Depth of cut–Making deep cuts will generally cost less than making two or three shallow cuts. By Mark Wallace

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Husqvarna K760 Package Deal with 12 Diamond Blades

14″ Strider Turbo Seg. diamond blades are an all purpose diamond blade featuring the latest sintered technology and fast cutting speed. 12mm High Turbo Segments allow for faster cutting performance. The 14″ Strider Turbo Seg diamond blades deliver optimum performance and good blade life. These diamond blades are used with angle grinders, circular saws, high speed power saws and masonry saws for general purpose material, masonry, and soft concrete. These blades may be used dry and wet.


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Diamond Coring Bits

A core drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core drills used in metal are called annular cutters. Core drills used for concrete are generally called Diamond Core Drills and are water cooled. For drilling masonry, carbide core drills can be used.

Diamond core drilling is a high-speed, high-production method of drilling in concrete, stone, asphalt or masonry structures. It is fast, safe, quiet and does not cause impact or vibration damage to the immediate surrounding structure. Diamond core drilling minimizes spalling, eliminates fractures and doesn’t transfer vibrations to the surrounding structure. The clean, straight openings require no patching or other cosmetic repair and allow the next operation to be installed or carried out without further delay. Core drills cut easily through rebar, allowing the holes to be placed wherever it is most suitable. Holes of almost any diameter up to 60 inches are easily drilled to make openings for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations.

Diamond core drilling is so called because it uses a ‘diamond bit’. This drill bit is composed of group of small, industrial grade diamonds set into a metallic, soft matrix. As the ground is drilled, this matrix will wear away and expose more diamonds.

Wet Core Bits

Drilling of concrete, masonry and brick, including concrete with soft to hard aggregate and light to medium steel reinforcing, also effective on granite, marble and stone. Dry Bits are for drilling brick and lightweight block or concrete block materials. Sizes available from 3/8″ to 14″ in diameter.


Dry Core Bits

Drill dry through block and brick in seconds. No water needed. Sizes available from 1″ to 6″ in diameter.


We have even more products available, please give us a call.

Including a full line of Made in the USA Diamond Core bits.
USA SQ2 Wet Core Bits are designed with premium grade diamonds for maximum cutting performance and long product life for wet use applications. Premium Concrete Core Bits are laser welded and have a core depth of 14”.
These core bits are made here in the USA and specked out for long life and performance.
Diamond Core Bits are used for core drilling concrete, green concrete, brick, hard brick, clay pavers, pavers, asphalt and field stones. Diamond Core Drill Bits come laser welded. Diamond Core Bits are designed with premium grade diamonds for superior cutting performance and longevity. Core bits are engineered with special barrel vents to allow easy removal of cutting debris.

Diamond Cup Wheel

A diamond grinding cup wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold-pressed on a steel (or other metal, such as aluminum) wheel body, which usually looks like a cup. Diamond grinding cup wheels are usually mounted on concrete grinders to grind abrasive building materials like concrete, granite and marble.

There are various styles and specifications of diamond grinding cup wheels to fit various application requirements. The ones with many big diamond segments can undertake heavy workload, for example, grinding concrete and stone, while those with small or sparse diamond segments are normally used for fast removal of paints, wallpapers, glues, epoxy and other surface coatings.

Just like other metal-bonded diamond tools, the diamond segments on diamond grinding cup wheels can have different bonds, different diamond grits, different diamond quality and different diamond concentrations to fit different uses. For example, if the material to be ground is hard, the bond should be softer, and if the material is relatively soft, the bond should be harder.

Diamond grinding cup wheels are used in different-roughness grindings. For coarse grinding, the bond should be softer and the diamonds’ quality should be higher, because in this case the diamonds are more easily to become blunt. The diamond grit should be bigger, normally from 35 grit to 50 grit. For this is coarse grinding and big grit can improve working efficiency. The diamond concentration can be lower.

For fine grinding (sometimes called “polishing”), the bond should be harder and the diamonds’ quality can be lower, for in this case the diamonds can last longer and hard bond can also help the precision of the processing. The diamond grit is normally between 80 grit to 120 grit, depending on the grinding requirements. The diamond concentration should be higher.

After being ground, the material can be further polished with resin-bonded diamond polishing pads of different diamond grits.

Take a look at our selection of Grinding Diamond Cup Wheels here:


Turbo Cup Wheels
Cup Wheels



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